Criminal and Family Law

What is Law?

The law is a set of rules and regulations that govern the society. It defines the behaviours and formal mechanisms that individuals, governments, businesses and organisations have to follow. The law is used to establish and maintain social order.

What Is Criminal Law?

It is a branch of law that relates to crime activities. Any act that endangers, threatens or harms a person is covered under this set of laws. Even acts that endanger health, safety and property of people are covered under the criminal laws. New types of crimes like cyber bullying are considered a criminal offence. Criminal laws are used to prevent and deter crimes. Punishments for crimes range from simple warning to long term jail incarceration. It depends on the severity of the criminal act as well as any crime record of the accused person. In countries where capital punishment is in force, a criminal can even be sentenced to death for crimes like murder. A person accused of a criminal act needs services of a criminal law prosecutor.

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What Is Family Law?

This branch of law pertains to family matters. It covers subjects like divorce, adoption, child support, child custody, spousal support, marriage, paternity, domestic violence and other family matters.

Who Can Help with Criminal Law?

A lawyer specialising in the field of criminal law can help when faced with an issue related to the criminal laws. Individuals accused of assault, robbery, extortion, forgery, domestic violence, DUI, solicitation, murder and other criminal acts need help of criminal lawyers. A person is innocent until proven guilty. The type of legal support service a person needs depends on the case. One person accused of a crime may need only some guidance while another accused person may need complete representation by a criminal lawyer in the court. The lawyer collects evidences and argues in the court to prove innocence of the client. The goal is to prove the client did not commit the crime or the act is not so serious to warrant harsh punishment. Effective legal representation can get the accused person cleared of the charges or receive softer punishment.

Who Might Need Help with Criminal Law?

Individuals accused of a crime or criminal offence need help of criminal lawyers. For a minor offence, the accused person may simply receive a notice to appear before the concerned authority. On the other hand, a person accused of a serious crime may be arrested straightway and sent to the jail. A family member or another person may have to start the defence process if the accused person has been sent to jail.

Who Can Help with Family Law?

A family lawyer can help in such matters. The support service provided by the lawyer may be limited to consultancy or it can extend to complete legal representation in the court. Many family cases are solved out of the court through negotiated settlements. Even these cases require services of family lawyers to ensure the agreement is drafted and prepared properly.

Who Might Need Help with Family Law?

Any member of a family may need help of a family lawyer. Father, mother, husband, wife, child, adopted child and other relatives may need legal support service when faced with a contentious legal matter that cannot be solved mutually. A family lawyer's services are needed in cases of divorce and related matters like child adoption, child support, visitation rights and division of assets.